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Want to ensure clean, healthy air in your home or business? The ActivePure Technology included in every Aerus air purification system is a ground-breaking achievement, capable of targeting and eliminating germs, odors and allergens with up to 99.98 percent efficiency. Technopure Aerus Distributor based in Millville, MA provides a wide range of water and air filtration solutions at affordable rates.

From residential air purifiers and water filters to advanced air purification systems for commercial properties, we offer personalized solutions for cleaner, healthier living. Call 508-282-0472 today to request a consultation with your local Aerus distributor.

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Air Products


Stop the spread of COVID-19 with a powerful air purification system.


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Space Technology

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Remove harmful contaminants in your potable water supply.

Water Filtration Systems

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When you need water and air filtration you can rely on, turn to Technopure Aerus Distributor. We provide a range of products to suit your property size and budget, including:

Air purification

Water filters and

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Maintain a clean and healthy environment. Contact us today to order a top-notch air purifier for your home or business.

How does ActivePure Technology work?

ActivePure Technology is a major breakthrough against SARS-Cov-2 and other dangerous viruses. The air purifiers work by releasing powerful oxidizers known as ActivePure Molecules that seek and reduce viruses on contact.

The Aerus products we sell featuring ActivePure Technology:

  • Demonstrate a 99.8% surface reduction rate of SARS-CoV-2 within seven hours
  • Have completed rigorous testing in an independent lab
  • Produce no harmful chemicals or ozone
  • Work in real time and can be used in occupied spaces

If you'd like to learn more about the air purification products we supply with ActivePure Technology, reach out to us today.