About Technopure

Technopure has been partnering with the best technologies like Active Pure for over 30 years. Ensuring our communities have access to the latest cutting-edge products that reduce their environmental toxic exposure. Allowing them to live their best life. We are here for you to make the best decision for your home or business every step of the way.

Benefits of choosing Technopure:


  • 30-day money-back guarantee with a 5 star, white-glove service.
  • We can provide site surveys through zoom or when possible, in person.
  • Receive detailed reports of exactly what you need to keep the air in your home and business clean.
  • Free phone support to answer any questions.
  • Full service and fast parts delivery. Filter and parts ship within 1 day.




Aerus, the global leader in surface and air purification solutions, has now created the only air purifier in the world that has been granted the Certified Space Technology seal by the Space Foundation.
By working together with today's greatest minds and cutting-edge technology, Aerus has developed an exclusive combination of technologies that attacks the contaminants on surfaces and creates a pure and pristine non-toxic indoor air quality for the home and business.
With this exclusive technology, the world will be able to return back to the workplace, school, and family gatherings knowing that they are in a clean and healthy environment.